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YolitNen is a software development team
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Our Projects Made Growth to our Customers

We Build Projects like these

We create apps by your idea, designs or specification. While app developing, we make with cliets the one big teamand grow the project together.

iOS and Android Apps

Our team builds mobile apps from idea to launch. YolitNen makes prototyping, design, development, backend, pre-launch.
  • YolitNen develops Android apps.
  • YolitNen uses Java to build Android app for Google Play.
  • YolitNen develops iOS Apps with Swift.

Shopify stores, Themes and Apps

YolitNen helps merchands to launch their stores,create bespoke themes and useful Shopify apps. We are a Shopify Plus Partner.
  • YolitNen creates Ruby Shopify Apps.
  • YolitNen uses Sass for frontend tasks.
  • We love Shopify as we are a Shopify Partner

SPAs, Chrome Extensions, Bots

We make apps that help users saving time, plan bussines and open new leads. Chat bots automate your marketing and sales.
  • YolitNen uses Api.ai service to make the amazing chatbots.
  • Our team develops modern apps with Polymer web components.
  • We use React to create the fast, scalable and modern web apps.
  • We are the best developers with Angular developing.

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Meet Our Team

Our developers contact our customers directly without a broken phone. All YolitNen team members have Master’s Degree or Ph.D. Our team is like a family with Serhii and Elena. Yes, we are just 2 members team. Also we have 2 Bots in our Sales team.
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Our price is Simple, Fixed, Profitable.
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You will pay only estimated hours. 30-50% Upfront payment is required.
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Case Studies

See our latest work
Smart App is developed by YolitNen with iOS, Swift, Android, Java.
Marketplace Android and iOS mobile app. It allows users to select the cheapest products in the category. Also, shop owners are able to create their shops and promote them.
  • YolitNen developed an amazing Android app for Indian market.
  • We developed iOS app for the people who care about their time and money.
  • We used Ruby for the backed as it is fust, scalable and work fine.
  • Heroku is a one of the top server providers for developing custom apps.


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